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I’ve had things swiped out of my vehicles in the past, and now Instead of keeping a little spare cash in the ash tray or console, I keep it in my “oil can” laying on my floor board where it gets stepped on, scratched & messed up to the point it looks just like a used can of mechanic wrench!  I’ve given people rides & almost everyone kicks it to the side and doesn’t have the slightest desire to pick it up to actually look at it.

Ashley T.

Great stash container to keep secret items in your car. It looks like normal lubricating oil and because its purpose, it’s best for keeping it in your garage or your car trunk.

Keep emergency cash for when you run into issues on the road.
Overall, a good product that meets the purpose. I would purchase this item again.

Rebecca H.

Storage area is about 80% of can size. Perfect for keys, money, jewelry, ect. I place things in plastic bags (or foam) to separate items reduce sound.

I’m sure if anyone goes rummaging through my vehicle for something to swipe, they aren’t going to give a dirty looking can of liquid wrench a second look!

Marcus J.

What I love about this product in comparison to some other stash containers I have come across is, inner compartment has maximum room available and has soft padding on each end. Also, I chose this over drink container types because you want to make sure it’s not something people would want to take, or consume. If it’s a drink container, someone might try to open it to drink it and realize it’s a stash container.

Michael K.

The can itself is very realistic and the inner glass jar is solid and roomy so excellent quality. The rim at the bottom is not sharp at all. The Liquid Wrench can “blends in” whether it’s outside in your garage, inside your tool shed with paints and tools, in your tool box, in your car with a crate of shop towels, a jack, car wash supplies, etc…

Avo G.

PERFECT can for emergency cash & spare keys. Just a little wadded up newspaper inside to keep the keys from jingling & toss it on the floor board to be stepped on & kicked around!

and the Liquid Wrench can even look right in place under your sink with cleaning products. Perfect for keeping money, jewelry, or an extra house or car key.

John M.

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